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Zero Waste Bali Won at Yak Award

WOW WOW WOW Thank you to all who voted for us for the Yak Awards 2018. WE WON Bali’s Most Ecologically Conscious category. 

Honestly this wasn’t something I didn’t expect at all and it was so exciting to know how much you all love Bali’s first  ZERO WASTE BULK STORE . Seeing how many of you really care about the environment and want to be part of the change in cleaning up Bali’s plastic situation really warms my heart. Thank you again for all your wonderful support.

Our Zero Waste Bali store has grown both in size and with products. We have so many new products including vegan handmade tagliatelle pasta, locally produced organic chocolate, organic plant based produce bags, protein powder and organic quinoa powder just to name a few. You can see the full list of all the items in store HERE.

I have participated in a few talks both in Bali and around Indonesia to help educate the younger generation and about the importance of reducing plastic and how to make simple changes in our daily lives that will make a difference. I have absolutely loved it and happy to spread the zero waste vibes to other schools or events. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a talk near you.

One of the world’s biggest waste is food. The amount of food that gets wasted every day is astonishing. Ways to reduce this is by planing ahead and meal prepping. I totally understand that we all live busy lives and sometimes the day gets the better of us. Watch out for some new pre made mixes in glass jars of soup, pancakes, cookies and other items coming out very soon. Another way to reduce food waste is buy buying what you need when you need it. Also making food at home is the best way. With that in mind here is one of my favorite family recipe that can be enjoyed as a main, afternoon snack or even on the go. Grab the recipe to my Vegan Gluten Free Falafel HERE

Look forward to seeing you in store. Love and light to you all.
Silv x

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