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Chocolate Protein Nut Free Muesli Bar Rp. 38.500


Delicious, nutritious and healthy chocolate muesli bar that will satisfy hunger pangs without any guilty feelings. Enjoy these as a sharing snack with younger kids or enjoy them on your own. Suitable for both kids and adults these are a hit with all.


Muesli bars are a powerhouse snack, perfect whilst on the go and ideal for breakfast or add to your kids lunch boxes as a filler. These bars a packed with wholesome ingredients and raw cacao for a special chocolatey flavour, are high in fiber, protein, healthy good fats and are suitable for both kids and parents. Keeping tummies fuller for longer and releasing energy to the body slowly, these all natural muesli bars will nourish the body without any guilty feelings.

Suitable for children who enjoy textured foods. A great way to introduce these bars is to share them with your kids. Not just for kids these are great for Mummy and Daddy’s to.

Serving Size : 50g

Ingredients: organic oats, butter, organic coconut nectar, chia seeds, sunflower seeds,  sesame seeds, flax seed meal, desiccated coconut, organic cacao powder,  cinnamon,

Healthy baby toddler kids delivery food catering Bali using organic ingredients where ever possible.


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