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6 PACK *** Chocolate Protein Nut Free Muesli Bar Rp. 198.000

$22.00 $19.54

Delicious, nutritious and healthy chocolate muesli bar that will satisfy hunger pangs without any guilty feelings. Enjoy these as a sharing snack with younger kids or enjoy them on your own. Suitable for both kids and adults these are a hit with all.

6 PACK *** Lightly Toasted Nut Free Muesli Bar with added Spirulina Rp. 198.000

$20.00 $19.54

Wholesome and nourishing bar that both kids and parents will love! No bake, nut free, refined sugar free and super delicious this bar aims to please all. A perfect way to get children to enjoy these is to share them with them. Not only for kids these are a suitable for all and Mummy and Daddy to. I promise you will love them.

ABCD Muffins Rp. 24.200

$2.68 $2.14

These muffins are super versatile and perfect for breakfast, lunch box filler, or as an afternoon snack. Even whilst on the go in Bali theses will be sure to please. Theses are made with plant based goodness are refined sugar free and we use wholemeal spelt flour for extra nourishment and vitamins.

Baked Organic Beef and Vegetables Rp. 69.500

$7.72 $6.17 Including Tax

A wholesome, healthy, hearty meal filled with organic vegetables and Australian organic beef this hot pot is fantastic on it’s own, paired with a fresh salad or used as a sauce over some whole grain rice or pasta.

Bounty Fudge Bar Rp. 30.800

$3.42 $2.73

A classic remake of an all time favourite we have swapped the chocolate for some fudge and handmade these healthy whole food bars that kids and the entire family will enjoy. Ideal for a healthy afternoon treat with no guilty feelings.

Banana Beetroot Brown Rice Pudding Rp. 59.400

$6.60 $4.29

Doubling up as breakfast or a pudding this healthy dish is a palette pleaser. We have added some organic beetroot to this meal for some added vegetable intake and not to mention its beautiful pink color. Baby toddler and kids will love this wonderful flavorsome combination.

Choco Flipside Rp. 38.500

$3.88 $3.10

Ideal chocolate alternative, afternoon pick me up, after work out nourishment, or snack. These bars are packed with fiber, antioxidants, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals. A healthy bar that ticks all the boxes being gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and refined sugar free. To be enjoyed by both the yong and the old.

Carrot Cake Cupcake Rp. 24.200

$2.68 $2.14 Including Tax

Sneak in some vege with Mini Muncher healthy carrot cake cupcake made with wholemeal spelt, a mixture of seeds that both toddlers and kids will love. Using organic carrots from Bali and some mixed spices enjoy this wholesome treat as an afternoon snack, lunch box filler or when traveling around Bali.

Cooked Quinoa Rp. 44.770

$5.00 $3.25

Quinoa is naturally gluten-free, high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants. This is a great addition to the Mini Muncher organic purees, ratatouille, porridge or even our pasta’s and risotto. Simply sprinkle on the meal of choice and stir in. Healthy, plant base nutritious addition.

Dairy Free Chocolate Banana Porridge Rp. 52.900

$5.87 $4.69

Start the day right with a scrumptious breakfast packed with nutrition that both kids and adults will love. Top it with your favorite toppings or enjoy it just the way it is. This is a firm favorite at our home for breakfast!

Organic Lentil Bolognese with Brown Rice Rp. 68.750

$7.64 $6.11

A meat free twist on the classic bolognese sauce using lentils and brown rice and our home made fresh tomato sauce. This dish is tasty and ideal for those that are vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. Lentils are a great source of protein, contain a high level of fiber and assists with digestive and heart health. This has been a popular dish among st both the younger kids and slightly older ones.

Lightly Toasted Nut Free Muesli Bar with added Spirulina Rp. 30.800

$3.42 $2.73

Wholesome and nourishing bar that both kids and parents will love! No bake, nut free, refined sugar free and super delicious this bar aims to please all.

Organic Brown Rice and Fresh Coconut Chicken Curry with Vegetables Rp.65.800

$7.31 $5.84

Fresh coconut milk is made onsite for this delicious and tasty curry. Packed with whole grains, this meal keeps little tummies satisfied for a longer period of time. Lemongrass, salam leaf and other spices are used in the coconut cream sauce adding aroma and flavor. Organic chicken pieces are added to give children protein and vitamins. This is a satisfying nutritious meal with a little taste of Bali.

Oat Porridge Rp 37.400

$4.16 $3.32 Including Tax

The oats are blended to a fine consistency and gently cooked with coconut water for added nutrition. Babies and kids will love our naturally sweet tasting porridge to which you can add and your preferred choice of milk when re heating.  Top with  fruits of choice, yogurt or a Mini Muncher fruit puree.

Organic Brown Rice Risotto with Chicken and Broccoli Rp. 69.300

$7.70 $6.16 Including Tax

Packed with whole grains, chicken and broccoli Mini Muncher risotto is exceptionally tasty! We steam the brown rice, chicken and broccoli and add herbs and spices to our sauce of chicken broth. Rich in proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fiber and potassium that provides nutrition for rapidly growing babies and toddlers. Please note than when chicken isn’t available we substitute the protein with organic tofu.


Organic Brown Rice with Chicken and Pumpkin Puree Rp. 62.750

$6.97 $4.53

Sweet tasting pumpkin and chicken mixed together is a favoured combination with babies. This dish is gently cooked  and the addition of  organic brown rice to this dish keeps babies fuller for longer with beneficial nutrients.